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Before scheduling a cleaning service, it is crucial to understand our pricing policies as well as the many packages and contributions we offer. Knowing what is available and the differences between it is the best approach to be sure you’re getting the best service for your home. This will assist you in avoiding any unpleasant shocks, such an unanticipated re-quote.

The number of bathrooms and bedrooms in your home determines the upfront cost of Maids Your Way flat rate cleaning services. The scope of the job is limited by a cleaning checklist, and these packages are based on the assumption of a particular size and level of cleaning. Everything needed to keep a regular house neat and clean is on this checklist. When the cleaner arrives, they may need to reassess the task and give you a new quote if your house is significantly larger than a typical home with the same number of rooms or if they think it’s in exceptional condition (e.g. in case of hoarding or if the home has not been cleaned for a long time).

The best choice for you would be to acquire a cleaning package with a flat rate, whether you would like to know how much you’re going to pay in advance or if the housekeeping checklist contains all of the services that your house needs. Additionally, if your home is not already in an extreme state of disarray and is of ordinary size, it is ideal for you.



Knowing which bundle to select is essential if you decide to pay flat rates in order to receive a precise pricing estimate. Please continue reading so we can help you decide which of these services your property requires.

  •     Standard cleaning

Our basic cleaning serves as the necessary routine maintenance to maintain your home tidy and hygienic. It includes everything on our usual cleaning checklist and assumes that the area is already clean to some extent. If you regularly get your house cleaned and have little requirements, pick this service.

  •     Deep cleaning

This service gives cleaners more time to concentrate on areas that are frequently disregarded, such bathtubs and showers. This service also covers other check-list items including baseboards, light switches, door frames, and the exterior of cabinets. If it has been more than three months since you had a professional clean your house or if it could need some additional TLC, pick this service.

  •     Move in/out cleaning

In addition to cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, oven, and cabinets, this service offers a thorough cleanup. It is intended for those who are relocating rapidly and lack the time to completely clean while in transit. Only if you want to vacate your home permanently and leave it vacant should you select this service. 



Cleaning up after yourself is a never-ending activity that takes a lot of time and effort. You’ll need to clean your house again soon, so it doesn’t matter if you have the time or not. It might also seem nearly impossible to keep up with the cleaning given all of your other commitments, including your job and your family. Maids Your Way offers routine cleaning services because we believe that your home should always be clean. Regardless of how frequently you request that we clean your home, we will always arrive on time. Not the best, is it? You’ll be able to benefit from having a clean home while also giving yourself the opportunity to save some time. Thus, take a seat and unwind. We can do this!

‣ Weekly – 20% off

‣ Biweekly – 15% off

‣ Monthly – 10% off

– When you schedule recurrent cleanings with us, the discount will be applied to each additional cleaning following the initial service. The discount will not be applied if you decide to book a one-time cleaning.



Our hourly fee is $60 per cleaner per hour, VAT excluded. Hourly cleaning services provide you the option to pay per hour for a certain number of hours that you specify, starting at a minimum of two. Our cleaner will end once they have worked the specified number of hours, or you can add on more time. You can completely tailor your cleaning by selecting hourly services. You can request services that are not covered by our flat rate packages or designate specific rooms of the house for cleaning while leaving others unattended. 


For an extra fee, you can choose one of the following add-ons when making your reservation. Please be aware that certain services come with certain add-ons:

‣ Baseboards (included in Deep clean & Move in/out clean) + $30

‣ Extra room + $20

‣ Inside cabinets (included in Move in/out clean) + $30

‣ Inside of windows (included in Deep clean & Move in/out clean) + $30

‣ Inside the fridge (included in Move in/out clean) + $20

‣ Inside the oven (included in Move in/out clean) + $20

Wet wipe window blinds (included in Deep clean & Move in/out clean) + $30

Garage (included in Move in/out clean) + $30

Sliding patio/doors (included in Move in/out clean) + $20

Patio (included in Move in/out clean) + $20

‣ Load of laundry + $15

‣ Pets + $15 Each

‣ 1 Hour of organization + $40/hr – Minimum of 2 hours

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